Finnovation Labs

Who we are

Finnovation Labs is a developer and accelerator of Fintech businesses operating from Dominican Republic, with the purpose of creating Fintech products with a global reach. We leverage our experience in finance and technology to detect and solve problems in financial markets in a cost effective manner.

What we do


Merging our ideas with the right team and the necessary resources, we create startups to solve the problems our experience allows us to identify in the financial market. If you want to be part of our team or if you have an idea you would like to develop with us, this program is right for you.


We look for the best Fintech projects and provide the required support to help them grow. From mentoring by experienced finance professionals to banking infrastructure and key industry contacts. If you have a Fintech project and are ready to scale, this program is right for you.


We facilitate startups to gain access to banking infrastructure. From account openning for their users to connection to banking networks, we guide you to gain access to the necessary infrastructure for a competitive product. If you have a Fintech startup and need access, this program is right for you.

Our Team